Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rexona Run 2013: Run To Your Beat

We ran to the beat! Yes, last October 20, together with my sissy Arianne, we joined this year's Rexona Run at the Mall of Asia Grounds. It was a very timely invitation because I was actually looking for something new to do and enjoy, a new activity that's fun. It was my first run. Hey, I'm not counting my participation in 10.10.10's Run for Pasig which we actually walked the line through! Haha. We were at the Mall of Asia around 2:30 in the morning as the assembly time was 3:00. Beside a traditional gun shot, the race started with a fireworks display and a live performance of Sandwich with their song 'Sugod'

Rexona Run 2013: Run To Your Beat

“We are always finding ways to make the Rexona Run more exciting than the last. This year especially, we wanted the Rexona Run to appeal as an avenue to Do:More. Running and music are two things that go together. For most runners, music inspires them giving them an added boost. So we decided to combine the two together.” said the Rexona Brand Manager.

Singlet #6393

We signed up and ran for the 10K category. I got to the finish line at 1 hour and 40 minutes. Arianne, on the other hand, finished 5 minutes behind me. I didn't imagine I ran that far. Not to mention I had no exercise prior that race. The event was the perfect venue for music lovers like us. Spinning DJs and huge speakers were scattered around the track.


We really loved the tunnel with neon lights. We were so excited to reach it when we saw an Instagram post of Coach Rio before the race. No wonder on the slowness of Arianne's run, she's taking photos of it when we passed by. Super amazed, eh?


A party wrapped the race up. Here's Rico Blanco singing.

6.63 miles

10K race finishers! Yes, I'm very proud of this accomplishment. Hahaha.


We're so glad to be part of the 12,500+ runners who experienced running to the beat.

A run, concert, party, done the #RexonaDoMore way. This video captures #RunToYourBeat perfectly!

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